When we first arrived in our prayer city, I was a little bit nervous because of the overwhelming darkness around us. It was snowing outside, the call to prayer was blaring from the Mosque Minarets, and there were no other women in sight, only men. I prayed constantly at that time for God to show compassion on us. In his kindness, He supplied a great amount of hope for me. The next day we met so many women and elderly grandmothers in a house. God loves them and wants them to draw near. My prayer on this trip (before and during) was that God would break open the catacombs these people dwell in and that he would open their eyes to the everlasting truth of the Gospel! While I prayed, it was evident that there was warfare. Nearly every time the call to prayer would sound, I broke down. It was as if the enemy was laughing at me, taunting me with this evil song. But we brought the light to the city, God supplied oil for our lamps to burn bright. When I began feeling exhausted or discouraged, he caused me to remember His Word and the things he has already done, and the promises he keeps even now. I love the people of this country, not because of me, but because I know God created them with intentional purpose and I hope to see some of their faces in heaven one day.